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Alaska is known for its halibut.
Belgium for its chocalate and fries...
(In Homer Simpson voice): "Mmmmm...chocalate and fries."
also for its mussels and World-Class Beers: "Mmmmm...world class beer."
Canada serves up the lovely concoction of poutine, gravy covered fries, philly cheese steak or terriya-kiddin-meat!?
Norway is of course, smoked salmon and the X-mas tradition of lutefisk, rotted, amonia-laced cod...Excellent!!
China consists of "Chinese" food, which is NOT, Panda Express-Golden Dragon-Wok'n'Ready-Pik-up-Stix or any other Chinese take-out to the back dump and do your customers a favor!
Dumplings! homemade, being sold on a cold side street with steam emanating from a box, converted to a shack converted to a house converted to a home converted to a Mom & Pop shop replete with One baby Son-Made in China-selling the most wonderful dumplings, steaming fresh-hot-to touch warming your insides and staving off (if only briefly) the -11 degree Beijing winter.
Germany, Sausages are KING!
And empanadas rule South America-all the varities, Peruvian, Chilean, Argentinean,
Bolivian saltenas.
Spanish? Paellas.
Portugese? Sardinhas.
Dutch-Holland-Netherlands? Cheese.
If it's meat that you seek, then Argentina for beef. "Parrilla" means BBQ, which means plenty for YOU, for it is their religion, where they gather and prey, lasting all nite and into the day, afterall, the Pope is Argentinan! Hey, Che!!!?
Ceviche is mastered in the land of Peru.
Danish in Denmark? I had me a few...
Thai food in Thailand,
Brit food in Britain? No it's not Great, but hey! it's a plate, and any plate of food, one must never be rude, eat all that's there and leave none to spare, eventhough it's a Brit and the food tastes like Shhhhh....one must never rude! (I eat it all!!) Burnt to a crisp or still moo-ing, and thanks to the Brits we now have Black Puddin'
Mexican food? In Mexico, YES! None of that stuff they serve in the U.S. homemade tortillas and hot plate of mole! Now I AM praying to all that is HOLY, you can taste GOD, nature and earth, the love that created and placed in the hearth.
Speaking of Diety, Italian food in Italy!!!
Pizza NOT served from a Hut! Boxed-up and Topped-out, whore'd out like a slut! Domino's! Back-Door Papa Joe's, Di-gior-no-good, Mama Mia Dia-rr-eha, toppings galore!
at the end? a crusty sore...
Machine churning, stomach burning, a Round Table night, oh whadda sight,
families a'gatherin, sunday to saturday, the Lampost aflame our hunger now tame,
from the youngest of tots to the oldest of geezers, families unite and all Hail Lil' Ceaser!!
Pizza, Pizza??? When In Rome, much better than that they deliver to home.
Japan has SUSHI. And it's the BEST...."but I know this great sushi bar by my house..." SHUT UP!
I love Greece-y food, as in food from Greece. The tomatos, the olives, the oil, the feta...
Hey Brah! Hawaiian Lua? Ain't no food mo' bettah!
Broke da mouth! Laulau and poi, Lomi Salmon, Kalua pig, prepared underground the portions are BIG...and of course let's not forget, that one important Hawaiian dish, of which I admit, I am not a big fan, So haole you call me and haole I am, if it means I must love a tin can of Spam! Sorry....
Sari???? Ahhhh yes, India! India is a world full of flavors, to list them all here I haven't the hours.
I don't care which "authentic" Indian restaurant you've gone, unless you've been to India you've really had naan.
And so that's a wrap, a small taste of the map
Food coma means now time for Food nap.
Sweet dreams ahead....dreams of distant lands....
...and large appetites,
...yet they all start the same, with some pretty long flights.

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